• Mahavidyalaya Prefects’ Voice

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    I am extremely elated to be a Bijeshworian. The Mahavidyalaya is decorated with excellent teachers’ team, fine infrastructures, quality education, stimulating environment and utmost destination for all the girls who want to make up their career in schooling as well as higher education in management stream. The Mahavidyalaya is the corner stone of my life which has enabled me not only in the academic excellence but even all round development, leadership qualities and many more. The Mahavidyalaya is dedicated for enhancing and boosting up the learning ability of students and prepare them to cope up with the obstacles in their future life. It doesn’t compromise with the result of the students but it twice thinks all about the SLC graduates how their Alma mater enables them to take in the current competitive era.

    So, at last but not the least, I would like to suggest all the girls, parents and well wishers to visit at least once a time for the schooling at the Mahavidyalaya, where you will get more than you expect.

    Sita Ruwali
    - School Prefect
  • School Perfect Voice

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    The Mahavidyalaya, my Alma mater is the place of imparting, sprouting and growing knowledge which believes, ‘No walls to talents, no walls to ideas and no walls to surround minds.’ This is the platform of knowledge seekers to update them with modern discoveries to make their academic foundation where each of us is equally preferred. The Mahavidyalaya has taught me to march ahead despite of having lots of obstacles because of well-experienced, dedicated and trained teachers’ team managed beautifully using maximum local resources rather unbiased with high-tech apparatus. My knocking memories are still fresh tilted inquisitively about the exposures and life oriented skills being taught to me like whiz-kids who are equally prioritized in scholastic and non-scholastic areas. This is a holy place to be replaced human tabula rasa into adroit mind demanding abundance of opportunities and ample knowledge.

    Therefore, I sincerely request to all the parents, SLC graduates and well wishers to visit the Mahavidyalaya for higher education. We make you feel that you enjoy a better and comfortable overall environment to boost you utmost pinnacle of success. My heart always leaps up when I say:

    Thinking to leave you my heart ponders and cries;

    Bless me to acquire medals and trophies and punish for lies;

    Shall I ever ask for you? Pray for you? To acquire all these;

    Hope to grab majestic and spellbound outcome always”.

    Eventually, I feel proud to be a Bijeshworian and I say ‘My Mahavidyalaya, my pride!

    Sangita Adhikari
    - College Prefect

Message From Principal

Every right implies responsibility; every opportunity an obligation and every possession a duty. - John D. Rockefeller

 I am indeed buoyant and cordial to welcome from the core of my heart in Bijeshwori Gyan Mandir Sainik Mahavidyalaya (BGMSM), Bijeshwori, Swoyambhu.

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Mrs. Sudha Sapkota Bhetuwal