• Transportation

    The Mahavidyalaya has its comfortable transport system for the students to be ferried to and fro from school premises at affordable cost. The school buses pick-up and drop students only from the point identified in its route map made and decided ensuring students a safe and convenient travel to their destinations.



  • Sports

    The Mahavidyalaya is undoubtedly a better platform for the students who take avid interest in extra-curricular activities are consistently appreciated and encouraged to take part in Taekwondo, Athletics and Volleyball mainly. It has standard size basketball and volleyball courts. Ultra-modern Taekwondo hall of the Mahavidyalaya is innermost sides of attraction throughout the nation. 

    We provide facilities for many sports activities that encourage the sportsmanship, good spirits of healthy competition, Vision-20 in sports, Door to Door Taekwondo programmes, Inter-house Sports Meet programmes to sharpen all round development of the girls.To build up International players in Taekwondo and national players in athletics is another matter of pride and honor to the Mahavidyalaya. Besides these, many indoor games like Badminton, T.T., Chess, etc. are the ongrowing games of spirit to the girls of Mahavidyalaya. 

    Resource Room

    To grab various certificate and medals related to quiz-contest, essay writing, poem writing competition organized by various organizations 

    also proved the better framework provided to the students by Mahavidyalaya. It has started Futsal; a newly applied game in the context of Nepal is also one of the landmark steps towards the aspiration of the sports.

  • Counselling

    To be totally untouched and error free from churning out and igniting the graduates and throwing away non-graduates, the Mahavidyalaya has endeavored settling an active guidance and counselling section with trained counsellor to assist students in learning problems by counselling emotionally, psychologically and affectionately to boost up highly learned and disciplined environment within school premises.
    The Mahavidyalaya exceeds day to day counselling services to her toddlers to enrich academic excellence and fosters for personal and career development of the students. This section is constantly getting feedback from teachers, students and parents about personal issues of the students. Nonetheless, it reconstructs a bridge to fulfill the gap between the parental and school attitudes overlapped to the learners.

  • Laboratories

    Laboratories are added attractions of this Mahavidyalaya to the students, parents and visitors. There is well-maintained, spacious, hygienic, and well-equipped science laboratory with modern apparatus and ample, varied specimens. There is highly equipped, sophisticated and resourceful computer lab to the students feel contented and at ease while conducting practical work as per demand of the course. It has the advantage of the internet which students utilize to quench their thirst of globe and human beings.

  • Library

         The Mahavidyalaya has a well-setup library with reference and issue section separately. It harbors a large number of reference books of different genres together with the textbooks, targeting to different level and interest of the readers like students, teachers and academic researchers. Hardworking and sincere students can always derive benefit from the available library cubicles. Students are encouraged to write book review after reading any sorts of books so that frequent reader is awarded annually.

    BGMSM_Library (2)

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    BGMSM_Library (5)

  • Youth Red Cross Circle

    To Transfer theoretical as well as benevolent attitude towards social welfare and humanity among the students, the Mahavidyalaya has formed Youth Red Cross Circle. The members have to look after possible first aid services to the Bijeshworians in and outside the school premises. They are further circulated to raise awareness campaign among the girls for the optimum opportunities to sharpen leadership and managerial skills, run indoor and outdoor games, enhance mutual understanding and co-operation.